Cutting Edge: The History of Dartmouth’s Starr Manufacturing.

The Starr Manufacturing Company, makers of the world’s first modern skates, built their famous factory on top of the workings of the defunct Shubenacadie canal in Downtown Dartmouth. The Starr plant was demolished in 2000. The site now lacks any formal commemoration of Starr’s legacy, although the production of Starr skates was named an Event of National Historic Significance by the Federal Government.

Please join the Dartmouth Heritage Museum Society in learning about Starr’s roll in developing hockey, their diverse product lines and their contributions to the war effort.
You are encouraged to share your memories and artifacts of Starr Manufacturing.

David Jones is a proud member of the Board of Directors of the Dartmouth Heritage Museum Society. He is a historian and archaeologist.

Annual General Meeting
7 pm
Wednesday, May 25th

Christ Church Parish Hall
61 Dundas Street, Dartmouth