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Current Exhibits

Current Exhibits

The Carriage Room Photography Studio

Come and visit our recreation of a 19th-century Photographic Studio to learn how the art of photography has developed through the years. Peer into the past through the lenses of select antique cameras, and witness the process of creating wet-plate photographs.

This feature exhibit is on display in the lower level of Evergreen House.

Explosion! Dartmouth’s Ordeal of the 1917 Disaster

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, the Dartmouth Heritage Museum presents the exhibit, Explosion! Dartmouth’s Ordeal of the 1917 Disaster. This exhibit explores and reflects the impact of the event on Dartmouth. It focuses on the cause of the Explosion and how Dartmouth residents worked together to rebuild their community. This exhibit includes oral histories from survivors, eyewitness accounts, and artifacts from affected homes and families. The exhibit is on display at Evergreen House until March 2018.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for this exhibit – more here.

Dartmouth in Wintertime

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Dartmouth in Wintertime is a new temporary exhibit on the main level of Evergreen. It explores events and activities that took place in Dartmouth during the colder months of the past. This includes snapshots of historically frigid weather, tools that were used in Dartmouth’s once booming Ice-Cutting Industry, and highlights a small sample of the museum’s extensive ice skate collection, including some of the awards that were won by local skaters. The exhibit will be up until March 31.