New Exhibit: Morbid Curiosities


October is best known as the month when all things spooky take centre stage. Here at the Dartmouth Heritage Museum, we are shedding light on some of our more peculiar and fascinating artifacts.

Morbid Curiosities: Discovering the Peculiar and Unfamiliar is a new temporary exhibit that show cases artifacts that, at first glance, may make skin crawl and heads turn. The three different themes being covered are Victorian Mourning practices, medical practices from the past and “creepy” dolls. The exhibit will not simply be a chance for people to gawk at the strange and unfamiliar (but gawking is encouraged). The goal of the exhibit is to help visitors learn more about these artifacts and why, at the time the objects were created, they were not seen as spooky or strange.

The installation is on display in the historic Evergreen House until November 18.

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