International Women’s Day

Today marks International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the contributions of women.

There are many women’s stories reflected in the Dartmouth Heritage Museum’s Collection, whether in archival images or physical artifacts. An ongoing project for us is to make our archival image collection digitally accessible on Codex. Staff have been going image by image to ensure that the data is as complete as possible. This has made us painfully aware of how many people, particularly women, remain unidentified within our image collection.

So today, we would like to celebrate and acknowledge these and all the other unnamed women of Dartmouth’s history. The women whose contributions may have been overshadowed or perhaps viewed as ordinary by them or by others. Many of the spaces or roles women have occupied in communities, such as in households, as caretakers, or in the workplace, have largely gone underappreciated by history. Today we celebrate their contributions and the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary.

Here are a few images from our Collection where the women featured currently remain unidentified. If you recognize any of these women, please get in touch!

We will also be asking for assistance from the community identifying more of these women once our images are on Codex.