Marketing Assistant Student Position

NS Summer SKILLs Position
Marketing Assistant
Dartmouth Heritage Museum Society
May 10 to August 31, 2021
Rate: $14/hr, 35 hrs/wk. (9-5)
Apply by April 30, 2021

The ideal candidate will be enrolled in a Marketing Program, have experience in the heritage sector and must be a returning student for the 2021 – 2022 academic year.

Digital marketing will be a major component of this job. A primary goal of the job will be marketing the museum to the local business community, in particular, the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission. We have collaborated with the DDBC in the past but would like to broaden our partnership potential with this group going forward. The student will assist with existing plans, but we hope that as the job progresses the student will focus on a major program or event where they will be the lead in delivering a partnership success! Marketing possibilities beyond local business will also be investigated. As well, the student will assist in identifying potential fundraising opportunities throughout the summer.
The student will be working closely with our Events & Marketing Co-ordinator. Weekly meetings, each Monday, will prioritize tasks for the coming week. These meetings may also include the Manager-Curator and/or the Collections Manager and possibly volunteer staff.

This year we are investing in a new website that will be in place by the new fiscal year, and would like to campaign to let the public know. On a more traditional note, there are already plans to launch a summer camp program in place. Our first ever summer camp program had to be cancelled last season. The student will assist in outreach to schools, parents and caregivers and help facilitate a process of positive experiences.
Orientation training familiarizes students with all aspects of the Dartmouth Heritage Museum complex. The museum comprises Evergreen House, the new Program Support Building [aka The Rooms at Evergreen], Quaker House and our Artifacts & Archives Warehouse. We provide sessions on health & safety, front of house functions (visitor services, cash handling and gift shop inventory), collections management, programs and exhibits.
During the last week of work, we will include a debriefing session to pinpoint the successes of the student’s summer and possible next steps.

The Manager-Curator and/or Collections Manager as well as our Events & Marketing Co-ordinator, will interview all student applicants.

Applications by mail or email and must include a cover letter and Curriculum Vitae. Email applications to or mail to 26 Newcastle St, Dartmouth NS, B2Y 3M5