The Collection

Most of the artifact Collection is currently in storage until additional exhibit space is located for the Museum, although you will see many in Evergreen and Quaker Houses as well as in the ever-changing exhibits on display.

The Collection is incredibly diverse and contains fine examples of industrial, commercial and social history artifacts.

The Photographic Collection

The Museum has over 14,000 images as part of the photo collection.  These images are searchable within the Museum’s database so the staff and researcher can find images and information easily.  To access or search the collection, researchers must first submit a Research Request Form. Please download and complete the Research Request Form and submit it either by email, mail or in-person. For more information on researching at the Museum, please click here.

Images may be reproduced for a nominal fee which depends on the format requested. Note: Only images that are in the public domain or that the Museum owns copyright can be reproduced. If you wish to obtain a copy of a specific photograph, please fill out the Photo Reproduction Form.

For more information, please contact us.

Donating to the Collection

How can I make a donation to the Dartmouth Heritage Museum?

If you would like to donate an item to the Dartmouth Heritage Museum, please first contact the Collections department with details. If it is determined your objects would be an asset to our Collection you will be asked to bring the item/s to the Museum for review by the Collections Management Committee. Larger items should be photographed with the photos submitted for review (due to space limitations). You will be asked to complete a Provisional Custody Agreement that will allow us temporary custody of items under review. All pending donations are treated with the same care as those already in our Collection. The Committee meets bi-monthly; it may take more than one meeting for a determination, depending on the volume and/or complexity of items being reviewed.

How will I know what the Committee decides?

Once your item/s are reviewed by the Committee you will receive a letter advising you of their decision.

If your item/s have been accepted then you will be asked to complete a Deed of Gift form which transfers ownership. Upon receipt of the form the donation is processed by Museum staff and the objects added to our Collection.

If your items are not accepted by the Committee you will be asked to make arrangements for pick up.

How does the Collections Management Committee determine what is collected?

All donations are presented before the Collections Management Committee to determine whether the Museum will accept them into the collection. The Committee, with recommendations from staff, looks at three main areas to make their decision: the objects history, its condition, and relevance to our mission statement. Other factors such as size, special restrictions and greater significance to another institution, may also be considered.

Can I bring in my object(s) to be appraised?

No, the Museum does not have the ability to appraise objects.  You would have to go to a professional appraiser.

What happens if I decide that I would like my object(s) back in a few years?

As soon as you sign them over to the Museum they become the legal property of Halifax Regional Municipality and they are no longer yours.  Please think carefully and consult your family members before making any donations.

What if I have donated something to the museum in the past and want to know what happened to it?

Please fill out the Acquisition Status form and submit it to the Collections department. Try to be as detailed as you can.

If I have any more questions, who do I contact?

For any questions about the collection or donations, please contact Shannon Baxter or Terry Eyland.