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Past Exhibits

Past Exhibits

Rare Dartmouth Maps

April – October 2017

A look at the art of the cartographer from 1755 through ‘til the 1960’s through examples from our permanent collection. Including E.B. Vandervoort map of Dartmouth from 1878. This exhibit was on display in the main level of Evergreen House.

Morbid Curiosities: Discovering the Peculiar and Unfamiliar

October 24 – November 18, 2017

Morbid Curiosities: Discovering the Peculiar and Unfamiliar a new temporary exhibit that showcases artifacts that, at first glance, may make skin crawl and heads turn. The three different themes being covered are Victorian Mourning practices, medical practices from the past and “creepy” dolls. The exhibit will not simply be a chance for people to gawk at the strange and unfamiliar (but gawking is encouraged). The goal of the exhibit is to help visitors learn more about these artifacts and why, at the time the objects were created, they were not seen as spooky or strange.

The exhibit was on display on the main level of Evergreen House. It ran from October 24 until November 18.

Dartmouth in Wintertime

December 15 – April 28, 2018

Dartmouth in Wintertime is a new temporary exhibit on the main level of Evergreen. It explores events and activities that took place in Dartmouth during the colder months of the past. This includes snapshots of historically frigid weather, tools that were used in Dartmouth’s once booming Ice-Cutting Industry, and highlights a small sample of the museum’s extensive Starr ice skate collection, including some of the awards that were won by local skaters. The exhibit will be up until April 28, 2018. Dartmouth in Wintertime is on display on the main level of Evergreen House.