Why become a member?

The Dartmouth Heritage Museum Society operates the Dartmouth Heritage Museum on behalf of the Halifax Regional Municipality, which owns both historic houses and the collection. This allows interested community members to have a real and impactful voice in what happens with the DHM. One of the easiest ways to use your voice is by attending and voting at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). Society members have the right to vote for Board Director nominees and on changes to the Bylaws, both of which have incredible influence on the Society and the museum itself. Members are also entitled to certain benefits, listed below.

Dartmouth Heritage Museum has 3 categories of membership for purchase

Individual Membership

One (1) person

Family membership

For a family unit, consisting of at least one (1) adult and one child under the age of eighteen (18)

Group membership

For societies, museums, universities, libraries, corporations, firms, partnerships, foundations and governmental departments.

Membership Pricing and Charitable Tax Receipts

Individual Member

-Good for one person
-Tax receipt for $10

Family Member

-Includes up to three (3) adults and four (4) children under 18
-Tax receipt for $15.00

Group Member

Companies, universities, foundations, governmental departments, etc.

-Up to five in group $50.00
-Up to 10 in group $100.00
-Up to 15 in group $150.00
-Up to 20 in group $200.00
-Up to 25 in group $250.00
-26+ at $10.00/person
-Tax receipt issued for 50% of fee

In recognition of the service of our members, we also offer the following benefits

1. A 10% discount from the gift shop. This discount is applied by our staff in-person with a valid membership card, or online by using your unique discount code. Please contact museum staff for any help needed with this process. This discount does not apply to event tickets unless otherwise specified.

2. Early-bird access to event tickets. This includes popular events such as our Murder Mystery Nights, exhibit openings, and more!

3. Discounts on events and activities. In addition to the ability to purchase tickets early, we often have deals and discounts for members!

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It is due to the ongoing support for the museum from members of this community that we continue to be active and provide an important service to the public.

Thank you again for your support.