The Mapmaker’s Eye: Nova Scotia Through Early Maps


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In this book the author, Joan Dawson, has taken a unique approach to old maps of Nova Scotia made between the arrival of the first explorers and the year 1800. Rather than treating them simply as graphic presentations of the land, she takes a broader view and interprets them in terms of what they can tell us about the development of the Nova Scotian culture and industrial landscape, and about people’s changing perceptions of it. Seventy maps illustrate the themes of mapmaking, fishing, farming, mining and forestry, forts and harbours, and settlement and transportation. From Port Royal to Louisbourg, the Isthmus of Chignecto to LaHave, Joan Dawson lets us see, through the eyes of the people who made the maps, such things as the disputed fishery at Canso, the rival Chignecto forts and a spy’s report on Halifax.

This book is copublished by Nimbus Publishing Limited and The Nova Scotia Museum.