Helen Creighton (DHM A10846)

Mary Helen Creighton was born in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia on September 5, 1899 to Charles and Alice. Helen, as she was known, made her mark on history as a folklorist. Helen grew up in an upper class Edwardian household yet chose to seek employment and work rather than settle down and marry. She travelled around the province recording the folk stories and songs of the people of Nova Scotia. She also visited and collected in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. The tradition bearers she encountered granted Helen access to their stories and songs, and while she has been criticized for showing bias, without their openness and her interest in collecting, much of this heritage would likely be lost. One of the most popular songs she recorded was “The Nova Scotia Song”, otherwise known as “Farewell to Nova Scotia”.

To learn more about Helen Creighton, check out the permanent exhibit at Evergreen House,  Helen’s home and where she did much of her writing. A new addition to the exhibit is coming soon!