‘The Watercolours of W.R. Symons’ Exhibit Now Open

On Friday, March 31, 2017 a new exhibit debuted at Dartmouth Heritage Museum’s Evergreen House.

“The Watercolours of W. R. Symons, 1898-1987” explores the life and work of Dartmouth painter, W. R. Symons.

Symons lived his whole life in Dartmouth and left behind a wonderful legacy to the DHM in the form of watercolor paintings. The paintings cover a range of subjects: landscapes, marine scenes, historic buildings, and more. We are also displaying photographs from the artist’s family albums, to present a broader picture of the artist’s life beyond the paintbrush.  Some of these photographs were also an inspiration for his work.

The exhibit also explores the life of this local artist who produced a wonderful record in the painting of Dartmouth and the wider environment.