Thank you for visiting our online store! Our Museum’s gift shop offers an eclectic selection of local gifts and memorabilia for all ages, with a focus on history and locally made products.

There is no tax on our items, and shipping is carrier-based through Canada Post.

If you prefer shopping in person, please visit our boutique at Evergreen House. We accept all forms of payment on-site.

Are you a Dartmouth or Nova Scotia-based artisan or designer? We’re looking for Nova Scotia designed and made products to feature in our Museum’s gift shop!

The Dartmouth Heritage Museum is looking for Dartmouth or Nova Scotia-based artisans and designers who are interested in having their products showcased in our gift shops at Evergreen House (all-year) and Quaker House (seasonally) on consignment. If you would like to have your products featured in our shop, please contact us, selecting “gift shop” as the subject. Please include a brief description of your product(s), and how they fit with our gift shop.