Evergreen Express: Murder Mystery

The Evergreen Express; August 13th and 27th @ 1pm

A brand new story for fans of Agatha Christie novels, Escape Rooms, and Clue-style board games. Dress to the nines and come down for an evening of amateur-sleuthing! This time the mystery begins with passengers boarding a Train in Victorian Dartmouth…

Two New Dates To Choose From: August 13th and August 27th, both 1:00pm-3:00pm


The History Behind the Mystery:

In 1885, a train carrying sugar from the Woodside refinery left Dartmouth for Vancouver, British Columbia. As reported in the Evening Mail from October 22nd, 1885:

“As fate would have it, one of the first Canadian manufacturers to make use of a continuous line of railway from Halifax to Vancouver (formerly Port Moody) on Canadian soil, is a sugar refining company in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. … This car load of sugar is the pioneer in a trade that we doubt not will in the near future become large and remunerative. With the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway, British Columbia is brought as near to Halifax as Montreal was when in 1867 the four original partners in the Canadian confederation joined interests. Such are the miraculous results of railway construction!”


The Mystery:

What if the first train to travel cross-Canada had passenger cars? Who would the passengers be? What secrets might they carry?

These questions were the starting point in writing Dartmouth Heritage Museum’s new Murder Mystery. But to find the answers, you will have to buy a ticket.

Are you brave enough to board the train?


There are exactly 17 tickets available for each evening. No returns. Tickets are $60 per person (no tax). Tickets on sale now. If interest remains high, more dates may be added. Click HERE to purchase your tickets!


Guests will be assigned characters at random. Prior to the date you receive individual character packages. Each will include: A description of your character, their background, key motivations, and any small tasks to complete throughout the evening. For example: “Slip the note provided in this package into the pocket of the murder victim while the body is being examined” OR “Tell at least 4 other characters about your work.” Packages should not be shared with others. Every character will have motivations for murder, and the true culprit will not be revealed until the night’s end.


For those wishing to play the Murder Mystery with friends, there will be limited availability to purchase an private evening for yourself and between 13-16 friends. The cost of the evening is $950, no tax. You will be provided with a small select choice of dates. All other details remain the same.


Click HERE to purchase your tickets! Anyone having trouble navigating the online purchase can call the museum and we will do our very best to assist you. Any further guest questions can be directed to our Events and Marketing Coordinator, Aries Casteel’s, email: [email protected]


Allergen statement: We do try to have gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free options, and to plate foods separately, but cannot guarantee no contamination. If you have a specific allergy and are planning to attend, please reach out to us and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Accessibility statement: Please note that Evergreen is unfortunately NOT an accessible house for wheelchairs and may be challenging for those with limited mobility. There are four (4) steps leading up to the front door, and many small bumps and level changes between rooms. The guest bathroom is a half-bath and small. The backyard has a decent slope which may be challenging for some. We do have a new staircase leading down the hill to the lower gardens in hopes of aiding some, but it will not be accessible to all. We apologize to those community members excluded by this inaccessibility. We promise to continue exploring ways to make sure our museum and events are able to be enjoyed by all.