A Quaker Odyssey, 2nd Ed.


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In a quiet graveyard behind the Milford Haven Friends Meeting House in Pembrokeshire, Wales, stand the gravestones of four Quakers originally from Nantucket Island: Timothy Folger and his wife, Abial Coleman Folger; and Samuel Starbuck Sr., and his wife Abigail Barney Starbuck. Around them lie the graves of other family members and fellow members of the Religious Society of Friends. How did these Quakers come to end their lives in Wales, far from their native island off the coast of New England?

A Quaker Odyssey by local author Maida Follini traces the fascinating story of a group of Quaker Whalers on their long journey from Nantucket, to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and finally onto Wales. Quaker House, built in 1785 by these Quakers, is now a heritage site operated by the Dartmouth Heritage Museum, and holds the title of the oldest standing structure in Dartmouth. Dartmouth Heritage Museum is proud to present this newly formatted edition of A Quaker Odyssey by esteemed local writer Maida Follini.

Paperback. 60 pages.